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Starting my author’s blog

“A moment in the life of me…”

…is a piece of music that I stumbled upon more than five years ago. It was written by singer/songwriter/pianist Dax Johnson, who unfortunately isn’t with us anymore. His music still resonates in me though, especially when I’m writing.

Not long ago I was in Prague, filming vlogs and making a book trailer for Onder Levenden, the novel I’m working on. I had a brilliant time there, with old and new friends helping me out in all possible ways. Naturally my friends asked me when I would be finished writing. And when Onder Levenden and my previous novel, Ontworteling, were gonna be translated into English.

It encourages me that people, even abroad, are showing interest in my work. But it also makes me feel powerless and impatient. If only I were so far along with the writing process of my new novel that I could give myself (or anybody) a realistic indication of the release date…!

So what to do? Should I just smile gently, lay questions about my book aside and continue to write as hard as I can? It would definitely be a recipe for a surprise, when my book would come out suddenly, after long months of radio silence…

Or is there a way of asking you, my potential reader, to join me on my journey? Of involving you in the becoming of my novel? I could, for instance, tell you about my writing process. About the research I’m doing and the people I’ve interviewed. About my muses and the significance of certain locations in the story…?

'Life and the Dead', little angel sculpture on cemetery.
Life and the Dead

So yes. After careful consideration I made up my mind. In the months to come I’m going to show you bits and pieces of my work, while I’m writing Onder Levenden (= Among the Living). In clear and concise blogs containing text, photos, sound bites and short videos.

It’s high time to show you some moments in the life of me.

P.S.: In case you are wondering why this blog is in English: I’m determined to have both my novels translated. I’m seriously looking for ways and funds to make it happen, so sooner or later….!

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